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Valley Blades Limited designs, manufactures and distributes blades, cutting edges, ground engaging tools (G.E.T.), wear parts and accessories for construction, mining and snow plow equipment. Our innovative products are sold around the world.

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50 Years Strong

Valley Blades Ltd. began operations in 1962 as a small Canadian manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Ontario.

Our original 6,000-square-foot facility was originally used to manufacture carbon snow blades and grader blades only for the local market.

In 1976 the original Cambridge manufacturing facility was closed and the company moved its headquarters to Waterloo, Ontario where the plant is located today.

In 1977 Valley Blades Ltd. expanded its facilities and its market by building another manufacturing plant in Canada of 15,000 square feet in Edmonton, Alberta. This facility has since grown to become an integral part of Valley Blade’s manufacturing and distribution system.

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