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Following the Contour of the Road

Plowing closer to the real shape of the road clears more snow. By clearing more snow there are two cost savings. Fewer trips over the same patch of road are required saving time, fuel and blade wear. Less salt is required to melt remaining snow and ice. Reducing salt requirements lowers both the financial and environmental costs associated with snow removal.

Unique Features

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Full Dissassembly

Scrap steel is melted down and turned into new steel. PolarFlex has no rubber bonded to any metal sections, saving thousands of pounds of rubber from the scrap pile and furnace. Used flexible elements from PolarFlex can be easily recycled with other plastics or shipped back to Valley Blades for ecologically responsible disposal. Full disassembly also simplifies system maintenance and repair.

Key Benefits

Vibration Reduction

The reduction in vibrations is one of the primary mechanisms responsible for longer blade life. Vibrations damage plow blades, so their reduction directly reduces the wear and tear on blades and prolongs their lifespans. Plows with PolarFlex tend to last significantly longer before repairs or re-welds are required. Vibration reduction also cuts down the noise both inside and outside the plow truck. This creates a more pleasant environment for truck operators and results in more alert, safer operators.

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