HighWear Plow / Wing Blades

In severe conditions, insist on VBL™ HIGHWEAR™ plow / wing blades.

Vallite™ heat-treated (thru-hardened) one piece* blades are fortified by attaching hardened blocks to the back of the blade inside a welded steel housing. This effectively makes a blade with built-in “wear shoes”.

These “shoes”, in addition to the unique one-piece** design, increase both the wear-life and the structural rigidity preventing mouldboard/wing damage. Installation is also simplified as there is only one part to install. These attributes make the HIGHWEAR™ plow/wing blade ideal for rough conditions where carbide-tipped blades are not recommended.

*Custom size configurations available on request.

** Also available in sections.

VBL heat-treated parts are warranted against breakage throughout the useable life of the part.