Plow / Wing Shoes and Nose Pieces

Always use VBL™ Plow / Wing Shoes and Nose Pieces to extend blade wear life and help ensure safe operation.

Plow and wing blade wear-life can be extended by using the right shoes. Shoes are available in VALLITE™ heat-treated (thru-hardened) steel and grey iron materials to best suit the application and budget at hand. Dozens of different configurations accomodate different hole spacings, plow or wing operating angles and mouldboard designs.*

Nose pieces help reduce the tendency for the leading corner of the plow or wing to catch or dig into the road. These important safety parts are available for many different OEM* plows and wings. Tungsten carbide inserts brazed into a specially prepared groove in the nose piece are available for use with Carbide Tipped Plow Blades.

*Custom size configurations available on request.

VBL heat-treated parts are warranted against breakage throughout the useable life of the part.