When only the highest level of performance will do, PolarFlex™ by VBL™ is the best choice for segmented, flexible, carbide tipped snow plow blade systems.

Individual 12-inch carbide tipped steel segments are mounted using a patented system of reusable synthetic rubber flexible elements.* This mounting technique significantly reduces vibration while simultameously allowing the cutting edge to conform to the surface of the road.

These two capabilities allow the system to clean the road better (less salt, fewer trips, safer roads…) and reduce chatter (longer blade life, less plow maintenance, reduced operator fatigue…). PolarFlex is available in 2 configurations.**

  • Front Mount — Less weight / lower height, easier segment changes, ideal for reversible plows & wings.
  • Original — Heavy duty one piece welded construction, robust rigid design.

*Flex elements and wear segments can be easily separated for environmentally safe recycling, a unique PolarFlex™ feature.

**Custom size configurations available on request, nose pieces & various styles of curb runners are available for both configurations.

VBL heat-treated parts are warranted against breakage throughout the useable life of the part.