Quick Kits — HighWear

One order. One part number. Everything you need.

The robust, long-wearing HIGHWEAR™ blade is paired with all of the accessories and hardware in one package. Simplify inventory planning and ordering with Quick-Kits. One part number includes everything you need.

Quick-Kits are available to match any plow or wing. HIGHWEAR Quick-Kits includes the following parts:

  • Genuine VBL HIGHWEAR™ BLADE in easy-to-handle sectional or super rigid one-piece model.
  • Heavy duty NOSE PIECE* — a critical safety feature on plows and a VBL exclusive for wing applications.
  • Hard-faced “wrap around” CURB RUNNER* for plow protection and increased wear life.
  • Life-extending CENTER GUARD to help balance and extend blade wear life.
  • All required grade-8 plow bolts, washers and locking nuts.

VBL heat-treated parts are warranted against breakage throughout the useable life of the part.