Round Shank Cutter Bits / Holders

Regardless of the application, VBL™ has the right Round Shank Cutter Bits and Holders for the job.

Round Shank Cutter Bits are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations:

  • Shank Sizes: 11.3mm (.44”) to 43mm (1.7”) (straight and stepped)
  • Carbide Shape: Plug, Cap, Cap-Plug
  • Retention: Snap ring, C-Clip, Long retainer, Short (studded) retainer, hair-pin, pin

Applications include: Continuous miners, trenchers, augers, horizontal directional drills, hydraulic milling cutters, stump cutters/grinders, grader blades, road headers and many more.

Using the right combination of holder, bit body, carbide shape/size/grade and retention system can drastically increase productivity in any material or application.

Made for VBL™ in Germany.